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Asset Design As Constructed

What is ADAC

ADAC is a powerful data specification platform designed to streamline the capture and storage of civil infrastructure asset data. As an open-source solution, it has gained widespread adoption among councils and utilities throughout Australia.

ADAC has established itself as the industry standard for public works infrastructure, ensuring consistency and compatibility across various projects.

ADAC stands as the national standard, serving as the authoritative and trusted source for automated asset data management. With ADAC, asset data can be easily validated, transformed, and electronically transferred into asset management systems with efficiency and reliability. This seamless process enables the seamless population of asset databases and integration with Geographical Information Systems (GIS). By adopting the ADAC framework, stakeholders including asset owners, recipients, and constructors of civil infrastructure assets can experience the benefits of consistent and accurate results, ultimately leading to significant time and cost savings.

Why adopt ADAC

Benefits of ADAC

ADAC serves as a time and resource-saving solution for all stakeholders involved in processing infrastructure data. By implementing ADAC, the process becomes more efficient, ensuring accuracy, data integrity, and transparency, which in turn enhances corporate governance. With ADAC, asset data can be seamlessly transferred back to developers, allowing for a high level of consistency that can be reasonably expected by asset owners, property developers, and consulting engineers alike

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